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Our planet is precious, and its resources are limited. Choosing renewable resources, produced responsibly, is important – but making sustainable choices can be complicated. CottonToday is here to help. From information on environmental impacts and mechanical recycling programs to innovations in agriculture and manufacturing, CottonToday has the resources you need to make informed choices for the future we all share.


From growing to manufacturing to your home, cotton is continuously improving as a sustainable source of consumer products. Stay up to speed on the hottest topics, most recent research, news and updates about cotton – provided by Cotton Incorporated.

Plastic Leakage Assessment of the Globe Apparel Industry

The Urgency of Addressing Plastic Pollution in the Apparel Industry

Plastic Pollution from Apparel: The global apparel industry generated an estimated 8.3 million...

Cotton Microfibers Biodegrade Similar or Faster than Tissue Paper Microfibers...

Context: 45 pounds of toilet tissue is flushed each year, on average releasing 45 pounds cellulose...

Bringing the threads together: a closer look at the practices...

I recently joined EcoTextile News for a series of three podcasts that take a closer look at...

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Our Sustainability Story

Cotton is more than just a natural, plant-derived fiber option in a world of manmade and petrochemical-based plastic fibers. It is also a source of sustainable innovation in production, manufacturing and recycling. Learn how advanced cotton agriculture is preserving and improving the environment.

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CottonToday is run by Cotton Incorporated, an organization dedicated to research and public engagement around cotton. Learn more about Cotton Incorporated and how we’re helping to advance an environmentally responsible future.

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What our shared tomorrow holds depends on the choices we each make today. Making more sustainable choices matters, and cotton is striving to bring a more sustainable future to life. Explore our vision for the future, and the cotton industry’s plan to get there.