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Leading Progress Toward a Sustainable Future

Cotton Incorporated, a not-for-profit research organization funded by cotton growers and importers, provides resources and research to help develop superior, innovative, and profitable cotton products. The efforts are spread across every area of the cotton life cycle from fiber through finished product. With this website, we aim to bring to life the facts and the latest scientific discoveries in the world of cotton and sustainability.

Cotton is a versatile, natural fiber that helps meet the needs of a growing global population. Every part of the cotton plant can be used to create resources that are essential to everyday life, from textiles and medical supplies to cooking oil and livestock feed. Cotton can do it all responsibly – meaning that with a solid commitment to responsible production practices, cotton is a fiber we can trust.

In the last half a century, the cotton industry has advanced the science of growing and processing cotton and manufacturing cotton products. New technologies, techniques and tools have unlocked efficiencies and reduced environmental impacts.

Today, we have discovered new ways to grow more cotton on less land, to use water more efficiently, to preserve and replenish the health of the land, to use more of the whole cotton plant and to manufacture more responsibly. We are continuing to invest in research that is transforming what we understand about and can achieve with cotton.

Cotton Incorporated knows that as the world’s population increases, so do the challenges we all face together. We believe that our future depends on building strong economies while also engaging respectfully with the environment – and that cotton can help lead us in both of those areas.