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Cotton Today

A Global Solution for the Future

The cotton industry envisions a future where environmentally sustainable production and manufacturing will thrive along with businesses that depend on cotton as a source of income.

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  Sustainability Frequently Asked Questions 

How has technology affected cotton's sustainability efforts?


Modern technology has resulted in tremendous gains in production efficiency. It has allowed almost two times more cotton to be produced today worldwide than in the 1960's, on essentially the same amount of land.


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About Cotton Sustainability 

Pioneers of Progress 
Learn how Cotton Incorporated has pursued environmental gains on behalf of the cotton industry.

Cotton and the Planet 
View an animated clip and companion PDF for a quick overview of environmental gains achieved by U.S. cotton producers, as well as the many uses for the cotton plant.

Making Every Drop Count 
View an animated clip and companion PDF to learn how cotton's natural drought tolerance and water management by U.S. cotton growers are maximizing one of Earth's most precious resources.

Pesticides and Cotton Production 
Perspectives on Cotton

Water and Cotton Production 
Perspectives on Cotton

Soil and Cotton Production 
Perspectives on Cotton

Eating Cotton 
A recent article in Inform explores a little-known aspect of cotton with big potential --- the use of cotton as a protein-rich food source and a cooking oil.

Getting More Out of Cotton 
A series of integrated cotton experiments at New Mexico State University strives to get more out of cotton and cotton byproducts. Glandless cottonseed, grown on campus, is being used as cooking oil in the school cafeteria, biodiesel for catering vehicles, flour for baked goods, and feed for farm-raised shrimp. See the video.

Cotton & Water: White, Blue, and Green 
The cotton industry is making great strides in water-use efficiencies along the cotton textile supply chain. Many of these practices and technologies are detailed in a new video: "Cotton & Water: White, Blue and Green."

Cotton Life Cycle Inventory & Life Cycle Assessment 
The cotton industry has recently completed a holistic and comprehensive project to collect data for a life cycle inventory and life cycle assessment of cotton fiber and fabric. Learn more about the methodology, findings, and uses of these data.

Cotton's Journey from Seed to Hundreds of Products 
A comprehensive look at how cotton is grown, harvested, and processed into literally hundreds of products from apparel to feed and food is presented in a video from the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. Learn more about the advanced agricultural techniques and versatility of the U.S. cotton industry.

Cotton & Water: White, Blue, and Green 
Cotton Incorporated and Earth Day Encourage Positive Change.

Responsible Economic Development 
The cotton industry makes sustainability equal profitability.

Cotton vs. Other Fibers 
Cotton stands out against other fibers such as silk and wool.

Innovations make manufacturing efficient and effective.

Sustainable Cotton Preparation: Yarn and Fabric Preparation 
Review a recent webinar on cotton wet processing that outlines ways water, energy and chemical usage can be minimized through chemical selections, equipment options, and process management for exhaust and continuous application.

Sustainable Cotton Textile Preparation: Product Integrity 
As a part of its ongoing efforts to keep the industry informed on sustainable textile processing topics, Cotton Incorporated presents a Webinar on issues and regulations that encourage accountability and transparency in textile manufacturing. The free webcast will cover such areas as:

•  Improving understanding of regulatory bodies and how they
   influence individual businesses; and
•  Navigating the ever-changing landscape of standards and

A World of Ideas 
Technologies for Sustainable Cotton Textile Manufacturing.

Cotton is natural, renewable and recyclable.